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Friday, April 27, 2018

A study on impact of protective policies for Myanmar Migrant Domestic Workers in Thailand and Singapore presented the situation of women migrating to Thailand and Singapore for domestic work in light of the ban, highlighting their realities and risks at each stage of migration. The study was undertaken to identify the national and international legal and policy frameworks relevant to the whole of migration cycle for both the Myanmar-Thailand and Myanmar-Singapore corridors. The report also... More

ASEAN Regional Guidelines on Violence against Women and Girls Data Collection and Use

Thursday, April 26, 2018

“As part of its long-standing cooperation, UN Women partnered with ASEAN, the ASEAN Commission on the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Women and Children (ACWC) and the ASEAN Committee on Women (ACW) to develop the ASEAN Regional Guidelines on Violence against Women and Girls Data Collection and Use to strengthen the capacity of ASEAN Member States to systematically collect and use data related to violence against women and girls (VAWG). A timely motivator for these guidelines is... More

UN WOMEN TIMOR-LESTE Quarterly Newsletter | April 2018

Friday, April 20, 2018

As 2018 begins, we see a momentum building across the world and in Timor-Leste, with great potential for lasting change. We see communities mobilizing across countries and generations, from rural to urban spaces, taking action on the streets and through social media. As we commemorate the progress made, we must also remember that women, with diverse backgrounds, abilities, and identities, have crossed many barriers to enjoying their rights. We must keep the stories of these women and this... More

Safety Audit in Three Areas of Jakarta

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Scoping study of "Safety Audit in Three Areas of Jakarta" presents data and knowledge on key concerns of women's safety including sexual Violence (SVAWG) in the selected areas of Jakarta city. The study was conducted in selected areas of three municipalities of Jakarta that include South Jakarta, East Jakarta, and West Jakarta. Results of this study consist of data and information on the specific context of the city and what the safety concerns for women and girls in public spaces are. It... More

GIHA Brief No. 3 — Marking International Women's Day Rohingya Refugee Crisis Response Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

Monday, April 9, 2018

The Gender Equality in Humanitarian Action (GIHA) Brief No. 3 provides a snapshot of International Women’s Day (IWD) events organized in the refugee camps and with the host community in Cox’s Bazar. More

Monitoring Report on the Implementation of CEDAW Committee Concluding Observation 2015

Friday, April 6, 2018

This is a report that was developed by Secretary of State for Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (SEIGIS) on the implementation of the 2016 Concluding Observations of the CEDAW committee. The publication was developed based on the 2016 annual reports submitted by line Ministries to the Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit under the Office of Prime Minister. More

Trailblazers for Justice and Ending Violence Against Women in Balochistan

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

UN Women is working with national and provincial counterparts to strengthen rule of law institutions for enhancing women’s access to justice. Under the inception phase project “Strengthening the Rule of Law and Improving Access to Justice, FATA and Balochistan”, UN Women aims to analyse Rule of Law institutions and justice mechanisms from gender perspective, enhance institutional capacities and advocate for policy/legal reforms in Balochistan and FATA. More

GIHA Brief No. 2 — Gender equality checklist for monsoon and cyclone season

Monday, April 2, 2018

The Gender Equality in Humanitarian Action (GIHA) Brief No. 2 features a gender equality checklist to support sectors in their disaster preparedness efforts for the monsoon and cyclone season in Cox’s Bazar. More

Gender and Violent Extremism: an analysis of online behaviour across Asia Pacific

Friday, March 30, 2018

This study was produced by Moonshot CVE for UN Women as part of a the Empowered Women, Peaceful Communities programme. It is the first gender-disaggregated study of support for violent extremism in the online space in Indonesia, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Malaysia. The project also aims to highlight any potential associations between rates of sexual and gender-based violence (GBV) and support for violent extremism in these countries. Data collection is currently underway using our... More


Friday, March 30, 2018

This survey is the second of its kind in Indonesia, and the first in the country to provide sex-disaggregated information on the potential for radicalization, measured as the participation or willingness to participate in actions that lead to violence or include violence in the name of religion. It was produced by Wahid Foundation for UN Women as part of the Empowered Women, Peaceful Communities programme. More

31 - 40 of 557 Results