#SafeCities Hackathon

When: 21-22 May 2017 Where: Korphil IT Training Center, Quezon City, Philippines.
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Event type: Awareness raising campaigns

Start date: 21 May 2016 | Start time: 00:00 UTC08:00
End date: 22 May 2016 | End time: 00:00 UTC08:00

Location: Korphil IT Training Center, Quirino Highway, Quezon City, Philippines

Event description


#SafeCities Hackathon is a 2-day event of UN Women and Quezon City government that aims to find innovative mobile and information technology solutions for women’s safety in our cities. Students and professionals alike will “hack for good” for 24 hours straight on-site and develop mobile app features and modules that address the risks of street harassment and sexual violence against women and girls in public spaces.

Visit: http://philippines.unwomen.org for more information.

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