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Take five: “Women in the organization view themselves as leaders”

01 March 2017

I decided to build my career in two male-dominated industries—banking and law. When I started practising law there were partners (both women and men) that I worked for who asked me to make them coffee or pick up their dry cleaning, simply because I was a young woman. It was demoralising and disheartening. However, I also saw many people, again both women and men, who... More

Women’s invisible burden: The struggle for dignified and meaningful livelihoods in the informal sector in Lao PDR

01 February 2017

Every morning, Mrs. Khong rises before dawn to prepare the morning meal and tidy her modest home for her family in Vientiane, the capital of Lao PDR. As her husband and young children awake, she already has several hours of work behind her and hurries to the local market to set up her small, road-side stall selling fresh fruit and snacks, in time to catch the morning rush of customers. Mrs. Khong is worried. There have been rumours that the market will be developed and that she will be forced out or won’t be able to pay the increased rent... More

UN Women to launch reports on the progress of women and women market vendors | Media Advisory

30 January 2017

On 1 February, 2017 UN Women in Lao PDR will launch two landmark reports in Vientiane Capital, on the importance of gender equality, women’s empowerment and advocacy for gender-responsive policies. The reports are: (*) Progress of the World’s Women 2015-2016: Transforming Economies, Realizing Rights, and (*) Baseline Study on Situation of Women Market Vendors in Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR. The launch event will also include a robust discussion panel by expert panellists... More

UN Women costing evidence improves essential services for women experiencing violence in Indonesia, Lao PDR, Timor-Leste and Viet Nam

05 July 2016

UN Women, with the support of Australian Government had developed landmark tools for estimating the resources required to respond to violence against women in South East Asia. With growing evidence that violence against women is a major drag on national economies, there is new interest in understanding what the costs of appropriate responses are for governments to curtail the short and long term consequences, and support survivors in their journey for healing and justice. The total cost of... More

Landmark Report: Violence against women a ‘hidden scourge’ in Lao PDR

15 March 2016

A landmark report has revealed that almost a third of women in Lao People’s Democratic Republic have experienced physical violence, sexual violence or emotional abuse at the hands of their partners, in most cases their husbands. Commissioned by the Government and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and with the support of UN Women and the World Health Organization, the Lao National Survey on Women's Health and Life Experiences 2014 marks the... More

Gender Equality is A ‘Silver Bullet’ for Development: Helen Clark

10 December 2015

Vientiane, Lao PDR - Helen Clark, Head of the United Nations Development Group and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Administrator, visited the Lao People’s Democratic Republic to join the 12th High-level Roundtable Meeting. Over 300 delegates from the government and development actors also participated, to discuss partnerships and cooperation for the effective implementation of the 8th Lao National Socio-Economic Development Plan. Helen Clark, Head of UN Development Group... More

UN Women Regional Director for Asia-Pacific joins campaign against gender based violence in Lao PDR

27 November 2015

UN Women Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific, Roberta Clarke, visited Lao PDR to join different advocacy events on occasion of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence (GBV). Her visit coincided with the official visit of Helen Clark, Chair of the United Nations Development Group and Administrator of UNDP. On November 26, UN Women Regional Director attended a celebration event at the Lao National Stadium to mark International Day for the Elimination of... More

UN Women Regional Director for Asia-Pacific joins campaign against gender-based violence in Lao PDR

24 November 2015

UN Women Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific, Roberta Clarke, will visit Lao PDR to participate in different advocacy events related to the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. Her visit coincides with the High-level Roundtable Meeting and the official visit of Helen Clark, Chair of the United Nations Development Group and Administrator of UNDP. Among other events, UN Women Regional Director will join 1500 students to celebrate International Day for the Elimination... More

Empowering Women Migrant Workers in Lao PDR

04 September 2015

For the first time a comprehensive data collection and management system on labour migration has been created in the People’s Democratic Republic (PDR) of Lao. The system will monitor the legal protection for women migrant workers in Laos, one of the largest sending countries of women labourers to other parts of Asia and the Pacific. In line with the national Labour Development Strategy, CEDAW Concluding Observations on Women Migrant Workers, the Ministry... More

Improving Women’s Human Rights in Southeast Asia

04 August 2015

UN Women Indonesia, in partnership with the International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific, and Indonesia’s National Commission on Violence Against Women convened a National Workshop with the National Human Rights Mechanisms on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and Women’s Human Rights on... More

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