Women’s Access to Justice X Art

Date: 03 November 2021

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Seeing through their eyes, walking with gender equality activists in Nepal

Two women, two stories, a united cause

Art has a unique role to play in helping us understand what other people are actually living, beyond the cold hard facts of data. The experiences of Rekha Devi Yadav and Gauri Devi Bista, two women from opposite ends of Nepal, have been brought to life through varied and innovative artworks. Through dance, visual representation and other media, the artists’ empathetic exercise of discovery opens a conversation around individual perspective, intersecting identities, and gender equality, between the artists and the subject, but also with the viewer.

Rekha and Gauri are powerful individuals in their own right, each with her own story. But their lives and missions are worth diving into as they also illustrate the wider struggles that women face across Nepal, and to some extent more widely. Each in her own way is a shining example of what can be achieved with the right support from organizations and their community, and above all with the right attitude and perseverance from within.

This is an initiative under the joint Women’s Access to Justice programme by UN Women, ICJ and OHCHR, and generously supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency SIDA.

Meet the Curator and the Four Artists

Women’s Access to Justice

Enhancing women’s access to justice in Asia and the Pacific: Bridging the gap between formal and informal systems through women’s empowerment.

Policies and legislation alone are not enough to create an environment where women can seek remedies and meaningful justice. Improving women’s access to justice depends on systematic change in legal frameworks, hand-in-hand with change in social and cultural norms. Art is a powerful medium to challenge and question our beliefs and perceptions, helping to create a safe space for conversations, exchange and the sharing of ideas. The programme partners are excited to present you with a collection of artworks that embody the lived experiences of women seeking justice, to help us understand what meaningful justice for women really looks like.