Gender Analysis of the 2013 Timor-Leste Labour Force Survey

UN Women, UN Women, ILO, Secretary of State for Employment Policy and Secretary of State for Support and Socio-Economic Promotion of Women

The Labour Force Survey (LFS), conducted in 2010 and 2013, collects the most complete set of information about the Timor-Leste labour market. As a nationally representative household survey, it classifies everyone aged 15 and above as employed, unemployed or outside the labour force. The LFS produced important gender-related data, which has been analysed and is presented in this report.

This report provides a gender analysis of the 2013 LFS data, allowing examination of data against internationally accepted, gender-related indicators. It also highlights the varying characteristics of men and women who participate in the labour force (the employed and unemployed), and those who are considered ‘outside the labour force’, while offering recommendations to promote greater gender equality and address women’s limited participation in the labour force.

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