RESPECT Women: Preventing violence against women – Implementation package


This implementation package comprises a suite of practical resources and tools to support the implementation of the RESPECT Women: Preventing Violence against Women Framework, which was developed by WHO, with UN Women, in 2019 and is endorsed by 12 other UN agencies and bilateral partners. The package also builds on the evidence-based entry points compiled in the predecessor, “A framework to underpin action to prevent violence against women”.

The implementation package aims to support national- and sub-national-level policy and programming to prevent violence against women and girls. It distils programming knowledge and guidance based on existing global evidence, expert recommendations, and practitioner consensus. It is intended to support policymakers and practitioners to develop evidence-based, ethical, and effective VAW programming. It is divided into a series of standalone materials, which include guidance, promising practices, and links to resources and tools for the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of VAW prevention programmes under each of the RESPECT strategies.

The package is presented in a user-friendly design to cater to the busy schedules of policymakers, enabling easy access and reference to relevant materials.

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  • English (available on UN Women HQ website)
  • Sinhala
    • RESPECT Women: Preventing violence against women (PDF, 2.0 Mb)
    • RESPECT framework implementation guide overview (PDF, 0.79 Mb)
    • Strategy
      • Relationships skills strengthened (PDF, 0.51 Mb)
      • Empowerment of women (PDF, 0.52 Mb)
      • Services ensured (PDF, 0.55 Mb)
      • Poverty reduced (PDF, 0.61 Mb)
      • Environments made safe (PDF, 0.39 Mb)
      • Child and adolescent abuse prevented (PDF, 0.48 Mb)
      • Transformed attitudes, beliefs and norms (PDF, 0.58 Mb)
      • Strengthening the enabling environment for VAW prevention (PDF, 1.40 Mb)
      • National plan [Guide and workbook] (PDF, 1.10 Mb)

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