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The aim of this report is to provide insights for employers concerning the immediate impact of the crisis on the private sector. These findings will assist employers looking to better support their workforce during the next stage of the crisis period.
This kit is an invitation to all of us – governments, civil society and Forum on Return and Reintegration Program for Women Migrant Workers organized by UN Women in November, 2012 bring together women’s organizations, the academe, government agencies, local government units, civil society groups, and other concerned NGOs to discuss and share initiatives and practices gender-responsive return and reintegration program. In the forum, the action research studies on Return and Reintegration: Women’s participation and Gender-Responsive Interventions conducted by the three civil society organizations and UN Women was presented. The research documented case studies, practices in gender capacity development and identifies good practices, gaps, and emerging challenges for gender-responsive reintegration. The research also develops specific recommendations on strategies in designing and implementing gender-responsive return and reintegration programs and projects.