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There has been progress towards gender equality and women’s empowerment in the Pacific, but it still remains a key challenge. The Millennium Development Goals have helped create awareness and gain political support for efforts to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development across the globe. However, with the Millennium Development Goals coming to a close in 2015, the Pacific region’s progress towards achieving targets has been slow and uneven and many gender disparities still...
This is an annual report 2012 of the Migration Working Group, an inter-ministerial and multi-stakeholder mechanism under the National Committee on the Suppression of Human Trafficking, Smuggling, Labor Exploitation and Sexual Exploitation in Women and Children. The Migration Working Group was officially established on September 26, 2012. Members of the working group consisted of Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Labor and Vocational training, Ministry of Women’s Affairs, other relevant ministries, international organizations, and NGOs. The working group has analyzed and overseen the implementation of national policy especially focusing on women’s issues in labor migration and has been recognized as one of the most remarkable developments in Cambodia’s protection of migrant workers.