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This 10-year implementation of the National Target Programme on New Rural Development has resulted in significant improvements in the socio-economic development of rural Vietnam. By the end of 2020, 62.4 per cent of rural communes met the New Rural Development standard; the average attainment of the NRD criteria was 16.4 out of a total of 19 criteria. Despite such remarkable improvements, there are still sizable gender gaps in terms of employment, property ownership, and access to public services in rural areas, especially in poor districts and communes. The burden of unpaid care work hinders equal access for women to opportunities; gender-based violence remains high at places.
The Report serves a timely need to develop a comprehensive profile of rural women in the shifting landscape of Pakistan that includes the commitments to the SDGs, information technologies and environmental change, highlighting opportunities and obstacles to their development, and to provide evidence and recommendations for action and advocacy by relevant stakeholders (government, civil society and international donors) that can influence and enhance their economic and social wellbeing. A series...