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The main objectives of this report are to: a) review six NAPs to implement global, regional and national normative frameworks on WPS that can inform the NAP path for Viet Nam. More precisely, this report seeks to evaluate how the plans have intersected the pillars of the WPS agenda and how their lessons learned can be applied to the Vietnamese context, and b) to propose a feasible and effective road map for the building of a NAP for the period 2021-2030 drawing from existing Viet Nam priorities.
This volume of Progress of the World’s Women starts with a paradox: the past century has seen a transformation in women’s legal rights, with countries in every region expanding the scope of women’s legal entitlements. Nevertheless for most of the world’s women, the laws that exist on paper do not translate to equality and justice. In 1911, just two countries in the world allowed women to vote. A century later, that right is virtually universal and women are exercising...