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This publication showcases the results of Rapid Gender Assessment surveys (RGAs) on the impact of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in seven countries in Asia and the Pacific. For some of these countries, this is the second round of RGAs and thus these findings may follow up those of “Unlocking the Lockdown”. The report is meant to be a statistical snapshot that could inform responses to the crisis but is not meant to provide policy recommendations or analyze the policy context in each country.
The Women’s Safety Audit in Public Transport in Lahore assesses the safety concerns of womenand girls using public transport in Lahore. It identifies factors that may increase the chances ofviolence against women and girls at bus stops and on buses. It gauges the factors responsible forharassment, including sexual harassment in public spaces, with a focus on public transport.The study was conducted by the Aurat Foundation and co-led by the Women’s DevelopmentDepartment (WDD)...