The Human Library

Organized in collaboration with Alliance Francaise, Bangkok Rising, the Embassy of France in Thailand and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Thailand
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Event type: Variety/miscellaneous

Start date: 6 December 2019 | Start time: 17:30 UTC07:00
End date: 6 December 2019 | End time: 21:00 UTC07:00

Location: Alliance Française, Bangkok, Thailand

Event description

We are delighted to invite you to the Human Library event

The Human Library event will be modeled after a traditional library: participants will browse a catalogue of available books, select the ones they would like to read, and borrow these books for a period of time. In our case, the ‘books’ will be survivors of violence and activists from different backgrounds who will share their personal stories. Participants of this event will be able to select individuals they would like to learn from and engage with, hear these personal stories, and pose questions to our storytellers. The topics of the books are: violence against women, trafficking in person, sexual orientation and identity, mental illness, ethnical minority, adoption, women in sports, women in media and more.

The Human Library event seeks to challenge prejudice, discrimination, and the unconscious stereotypes we may hold about individuals from different backgrounds with different identities. The event will lend a voice to individuals who have experienced violence and discrimination as a result of their identity or societal status, and will provide our ‘books’ with the opportunity to share their stories in a safe, judgment-free environment.

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Dress code: Orange!