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‘Turning a blind eye’

Dated: 07 December 2016

Ankita, a young girl from Malaysia

According to World Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), six out of ten girls and women around the world will experience violence in their lifetimes. One of the most alarming issues in society is ignorance of and ‘turning a blind eye’ towards the seriousness of rape culture, violence against girls, child brides, and human trafficking. Gender discrimination, inequality and violence against women occur on a daily basis all around the world.

People often mistakenly think that physical violence is the only type of violence an individual can face. They are unaware of the different forms of violence, and their long-term implications. Helpless, the feeling of inadequacy is the just the tip of the iceberg. Surviving the trauma is just the beginning. Often the crime is compounded by social and cultural taboos and stigmas. Even without these facts, the sheer lack of awareness and understanding makes this an uphill task for victims and survivors.

Click on the infographics to enlarge. Graphics: UN Women

Movements such as ‘Stop the Violence’ are a great way to bring awareness on this issue. The curriculum is designed in such a way as to not just promote deeper understanding, but also to emphasise the importance of speaking up and taking action. It is essential that girls and women realise how important their voices are: it is through our voices and actions that real change can take place to end violence against women.

By attending the campaign last year, I personally have become more open and confident in using my voice on an issue. I urge all girls and women out there to do their part as we have a responsibility towards girls and women all around the world, and this provides an ideal opportunity to empower them, to speak up and, take action. Every person you bring awareness to is another step in making this campaign successful. Each new supporter adds another voice in spreading the word to take action.

Ankita Saigal is a Malaysian girl who wants to express her voice to Ending Violence Against Women and Girls.