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Date: 5 January 2015

Author: Fasiha Farrukh  tw: @FasihaFarrukh

I consider it as an important task to raise our voices for the women of the world.

We see everyone talking about the Human Rights while ignoring and violating the biggest branch of HR which is Women’s Rights. Women encompasses half of the world population, but still they are facing inequality on many forums.

Being a liberal and strong feminist, I am a vocal Women’s Rights advocate who wants every woman of my country Pakistan and from around the world to emerge as an independent and productive person. Women are marking themselves in every ground and working alongside with the men in our society, then why are they still facing such situation where they have to go through the social violence, pay gap, domestic sadism, inappropriate health facilities, education barriers, etc. In my opinion, the time is here to engage everyone for the gender equality and not only raise your voices, but prove it with our acts as well.

Pakistan has almost 51% of the population made up of women with the literacy rate of 45%. Many women here lose their lives in the cases of domestic violence, honour killing, and many are forced to live regardless of their consent in basic walks of life. For how long this will continue? We are ready to accept the advance living, but we are not ready to advance our mind sets? This inequality and injustice have to be ended by making efforts for it. From my perspective, the transformation in any society occurs when people start to modify their thinking and we have to do that by Empowering our Girls and Women.

I believe that together we can make things happen, either you are a man or woman. Everyone has to come along if we want to live in a better world. I want to be that voice who could raise for the rights for every woman out there and there is a lot to do in this regard.

I would like to quote this saying by G.D. Anderson which depicts the facts that "Feminism isn't about making women strong. Women are already strong. It's about changing the way the world perceives that strength."

I am an active Columnist with the UK-based magazine The Inflectionist: http://theinflectionist.com/the-team/ in which I share my views and perception about the ongoing current situation of the world. Whereas, my main forte is to write for the betterment of our women.

Fasiha Farrukh is a young Pakistan columnist at the Inflectionist and she also is one of the most active contributors for EmpowerWomen. Her personal thoughts and ideas including other stories of her daily life can found on Twitter: @FasihaFarrukh