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Speak Out, Be Loud; Don’t worry and just be free

Dated: 07 December 2016

Fatin, a girl scout from Malaysia who loves dancing, reading and listening to music .

How many of us truly feel safe when we do even a simple task such as walking in the streets? If the situation is already slightly worrying under normal circumstances, then picture it if a woman alone tried to do so. Throughout the years, we know that the world has become a much more dangerous and unforgiving place for women of all ages. That is why WE, women of all ages and sizes, should play our part in making this world a safer and happier place. Let us all do our best and put in the effort to speak out for women’s rights and fight against violence against women.

Many of you will wonder, exactly how can I contribute to ending the slowly spreading disease of violence? What can we do to find the solution and save countless women and girls everywhere?

Well firstly, the most important way to help put a stop to the violence is to arm yourself with the right education and knowledge. It is said that ‘knowledge is power’ and it will definitely do you no harm if you only use it well. Honestly speaking, I myself did not really understand what women and girls around the world go through, in everyday life. I was not fully aware of the dangers and horrors lurking around every corner until I decided to take part in the ‘Stop the Violence; badge as part of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

During the process of obtaining this badge I finally understood the situation that we are in. What struck me the most was how so many young girls were constantly exposing themselves and their lives to the public, just for a few people to ‘like’ it. This kind of behaviour can make them easy prey for sexual predators on the Internet. I believe that our current generation also faces danger being behind a screen than walking outside: With the past experiences that I have gone through and witnessed, I believe that this is a growing worrisome matter and measures should surely be taken to halt it.

We as part of the strong female community should also take the next step and educate every person within our reach; on gender equality and measures to stop violence against women and girls everywhere. Start small wherever you can, for example, I started by educating my fellow classmates and school friends by giving a presentation in class. Let us all dig deep to find the courage within and do our best no matter how small the effort. Every step counts in the never-ending battle to make the world a better place.

Fatin Aqilah Binti Ishak is a 16-year-old girl scout who wish to help save as many lives as possible. She said music makes her happy.