Jing En's Blog

Together, we can stop the violence!

Dated: 07 December 2016

Jing En, a girl scout from Malaysia

Many of us may not realise that cases of violence against girls and women is an everyday reality and is increasing all around the world. Types of violence such as physical violence and emotional violence can happen anywhere, anytime. All human beings are born free and equal: and this means women and men. We as women must know our rights and break the silence when we witness or experience violence. It is something that must be stopped right now.

I have had experience of verbal abuse. I have been laughed by my friends because my eyes are too small. But does that represent anything? No! I’m proud of my small eyes: they are my natural appearance. No matter what people say, nothing will affect or change me.

Everyone thought that women are weak and do not dare to speak out when anything happened. But the truth actually shows that when we are united, we are able to make a change. Nothing is impossible.

Life is a gift and it is beautiful. Enjoy every precious moment in life and do not judge others and most importantly, do not be affected by what others say about you. Voices are powerful so by voicing out our opinions, I believe that TOGETHER WE CAN STOP THE VIOLENCE!

Tham Jing En is a 16-year-old Malaysian student and a member of World Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts.