Indonesian Influencers calling for the elimination of violence against women in UN Women video for 16 Days of Activism

Date: Friday, November 23, 2018

Author: Radhiska Anggiana

Jakarta, Indonesia — To mark 16 Day of Activism, UN Women Indonesia recorded a video message featuring 25 Indonesian influencers with the objective to encourage people to take action to end violence against women.

Worldwide, women and girls continue to experience violence regardless of their level of education, social status or age. Violence is often overlooked and not visible. The short video shows issues that often happens to women and girls, from catcalling, dating violence, victim unable to speak up because their testimonies was put in doubt, and victim blaming. The influencers call for everyone to speak out, stand in solidarity with survivors and act in order to stop normalizing violence against women and girls. Everyone all responsible for shifting norms to promote a culture of zero tolerance for violence against women and girls. The influencers and UN Women call on everybody to join the cause and play their part to prevent and respond to violence to build a violence-free world for women and girls.

Video Messages

Violence against women is not just a women’s issue, but also everyone’s issue. It is now time to speak up and for our voice to be heard. Video: UN Women Indonesia