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In the past 18 months, by trapping women with their abusers, COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns have worsened the already-widespread violence against women while preventing many of them from getting help. But even those who do manage to contact the police come up against another long-standing challenge: a culture and system that treats the survivor as a big part of the problem.
The General Women’s Association of Macau (GWAM) organized the event on 19th November 2016 in Macau Tower, to launch HeForShe campaign in Macau under the theme of “He” Role in Global Gender Equality. The aim of this event is to extend the understanding of gender equality, and the importance to involve men and boys to do so, to a bigger population. As a result, it is expected that more people will stand up against sex discrimination and gender inequalities....
For more than a century much has been achieved by the feminist movement and women’s rights organizations in promoting gender equality. As we stand today, we will close the educational gap by 2086, we will achieve equal pay for women by 2089. We cannot wait this long! By engaging men and boys in the path to gender equality, we can reach parity...