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”I want to write a blog to express my opinions about women´s situation in Cambodia and network with other people with similar ideas”, says Dany Sum, a 22-year-old member of a Cambodian women´s network and a participant in an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) workshop on blogging organized by UN Women. “Blogging allows us to exercise our freedom of speech.”, reflects Dany Sum on her experience...
Many of CARE’s activities to reduce gender-based violence in Cambodia focus on empowering women to have the confidence to stand up for their rights. However, CARE also recognises that engaging with men is key in order to change deep-rooted attitudes. Bunnara, a slim schoolboy of just 15 years old, is one of CARE’s key advocates for social change
Besides being an opportunity to represent an increasingly important and dynamic group of young Cambodian women, equally important for the youth delegation is the participation at the Commission as an unprecendented learning opportunity.