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The Manual for Facilitators of Male Advocate Clubs to Prevent

24 April 2017

Violence against Women and Girls: Transforming masculinities and building respectful and equal relationships with women was developed by adapting existing evidence informed manuals for the local Vietnamese context . This male advocacy intervention takes a primary prevention approach in that it addresses the underlying causes and risk factors for VAWG perpetration and empowers men to adopt non-violent masculinities and gender equitable attitudes, as well as strengthening their relationship,... More

A Common Framework for Gender Equality & Social Inclusion

14 April 2017

The framework was developed to help build a common understanding between Development Partners (DPs) regarding gender equality and social inclusion. Nepal has achieved significant progress in addressing these issues, supported by positive national and international commitments. However, a large proportion of Nepal’s population continues to be affected by discrimination. A more coherent approach among DPs will ensure further coordinated collective support to the Government of Nepal. More

Gender Briefing Kit 2016

14 April 2017

Gender Briefing Kit 2016 is a snapshot of the current status of key gender and development issues in Viet Nam. In addition to capturing substantial progress made to promote women’s human rights, it highlights outstanding and emerging challenges and concerns that require due attention to ensure sustainable and equitable development in manifold aspects of socio-economic life. It focuses on education, health and health care, economic empowerment, political participation and leadership,... More

Securing Rights of Women Farmers: DEVELOPING A ROADMAP FOR ACTION

05 April 2017

Women farmers comprise approximately 65 per cent of the agricultural workforce in India. However, gender-specific barriers do not allow women farmers equal economic rights and opportunity, and they remain under-resourced, under-represented, unacknowledged and almost invisible. A comprehensive framework for addressing gender gaps in laws, institutions, policies and programmes in the agricultural sector is essential for recognition and empowerment of women farmers and equal human rights for all,... More


04 April 2017

An overview of progress in Asia with evidence from Bangladesh, Cambodia and Viet Nam. Documented evidence from around the world demonstrates that climate change and disaster impacts are not gender neutral. This also applies to Asia where available evidence shows there are differences in how men and women are affected by, cope with, and respond to the effects of climate change and disasters.... More

FGE Thematic Factsheet

15 March 2017

‘LEAVING NO ONE BEHIND’ IN ACTION Observations from FGE’s seven-year experience working with civil society Gender equality is at the forefront of the 2030 Development Agenda. The Sustainable Development Goals include a stand-alone goal to advance equality and gender-related targets mainstreamed across the Global Goals. But if something has opened a door for drastic progress in the lives of women and girls worldwide, it is the principle of leaving no one behind. ... More

Bangsamoro Women’s Journey Towards Peace, Equality and Good Governance

13 March 2017

The Bangsamoro Women’s Journey Towards Peace, Equality and Good Governance is a synthesis of the experiences and insights of the 79 women leaders who were organized as advocates of peace, gender, equality and good governance. It features fifteen inspiring stories of women living in the Bangsamoro – their struggles and hopes as women and as leaders against the backdrop of the Mindanao armed conflicts - are captured in this compilation. Aside from the “her-stories”, this... More


22 February 2017

This publication highlights some of the practices, learnings and reflections garnered in the course of implementing this project, and especially through the voices of the women leaders and project partners who are the key actors in these initiatives. More

Landmarks in Myanmar’s Post-2011 Peace Process

16 February 2017

The Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement in Myanmar: A Gender Equality and Women’s Rights Analysis - Designed to enrich the implementation of Myanmar's Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) from a gender equality standpoint, this publication profiles and analyses women’s participation in the nationwide ceasefire negotiations. It emphasises the fact that the ongoing peace process in Myanmar must include a critical mass of gender-aware and capacitated women who can strategically influence... More

Report on the Mapping of Select Women Leaders and Civil Society Organizations in the Bangsamoro

14 February 2017

In 2015, UN Women conducted a mapping of women leaders and civil society organizations in the Bangsamoro to provide a snapshot of women’s leaders’ political and leadership life, and inquire on their capacity development needs and insights on gender, peace and governance. It also aimed to document practices and needs of civil society organizations also on the cross-cutting themes of gender, peace and governance. 979 women leaders and 157 CSOs were mapped across the five (5) provinces... More

1 - 10 of 447 Results