Photo: UN Women/Rashid Probal
Photo: UN Women/Rashid Probal


UN Women’s Bangladesh Programme Office was established in 2005 to implement the second phase of a Regional Programme to Empower Women Migrant Workers In Asia. Bangladesh was covered under this programme as it was a labour sending Country.

Over the last five years, the Office has made considerable advances in this area, including reducing violence against women, promoting economic empowerment, increasing leadership and political participation, and engendering National Planning and Budgeting.

Women in a training centre for traditional handicrafts project. Photo: UN Photo/W. Wild

Following the global and regional programmatic approach of UN Women, the Bangladesh Programme office strengthened efforts to build partnerships with the Government, Civil Society, as well as other UN agencies. The United Nations Development Assistance Framework from 2012 to 2016 is based on national priorities and complements the strategic plan of UN Women.


News and Updates

Changing attitudes to women migrant workers

29 July 2015

For Firoza Akter, migration to Kuwait offered the chance of a better life for her and her children. In 2002, she took a 50,000 taka loan to go to Kuwait and work as a hospital cleaner. Within a year, she had earnt it all back. “But I suddenly caught... more

Migrant workers helping each other to work safely

29 July 2015

When she first left Bangladesh in 1998, Abeda Begum was only 23. Having heard about the opportunities work overseas promised her, she quickly signed on. “I took out a 120,000 taka loan and took help from a local agent to go to Abu Dhabi,” she recalls. “After I reached Abu Dhabi, I found no one to... more

Rokeya Kabir: a women’s right activist

29 July 2015

Rokeya Kabir was born in 1951, just four years after the partition from India, in the district of Netrakona, situated in the northern part of Bangladesh, near the Meghalayan border of India. “We lived in the outskirts of a small town, my father had... more

Child marriage is a game changer: Christine Hunter

21 July 2015

Gender inequality is rooted in the devaluing of women, says Christine Hunter, the country representative of UN Women in Bangladesh. In an exclusive interview with Prothom Alo English consultant Ayesha Kabir, Ms Hunter talks about UN Women, child marriage, the impact of... more

Speaker for the Parliament believes women’s rights should be a trend in Bangladesh

25 June 2015

Dr Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury is the first woman to be nominated as a Speaker for the Parliament in Bangladesh, one of the highest constitutional positions in the country. “It is a huge responsibility to be in this position,” she noted. With an office of 650 square feet, she has a calm view of the Parliaments’ water surroundings and it is from there that she does her decision making, but it is also a place to meet... more

How women find work after climate change disasters

22 June 2015

When Cyclone Aila hit Bangladesh in 2009, Promila and her family were some of the many thousands left struggling in its aftermath. Twenty-six year old Promila, her husband, and two young girls, usually dependent on subsistence agriculture and small-scale homestead gardening, now had to find other ways to survive.... more

Rajena’s Story - Building Women’s Resilience in Climate Change Affected Areas

28 May 2015

Rajena is 55 years old and lives with her son, Heatler and her daughter, Indira, in Holdibunia, located in the Mongla upazilla, around 400 kilometers south of Bangladesh. “The pond is in my backyard so I don’t have to walk a lot and... more