Results at a Glance


By supporting five pilot grass root support programmes with the International Labour Organization, UN Women is providing integrated support to Home Based Workers such as chik-makers (bamboo blinds), football, quilt and handicraft makers. Advocacy efforts have led to a better understanding of the CEDAW in Pakistan, especially amongst the public, government and NGO sectors. Provincial Committees have been established in all four provinces of Pakistan.

A Rapid Gender Needs Assessment has helped document the impact of floods on women and girls.

Administered technical assistance to develop and implement protective laws such as the draft Domestic Violence Bill, Sexual Harassment at Workplace, Acid Crime and Prevention Bill and the Human Trafficking Ordinance 2002.

Provided psychosocial support to women and girls in Sindh and Punjab facing violence in their communities. The Emergency Response Unit and Protection Homes enable victims to get quick referral services and protection.

UN Women also works towards the implementation of the National Action Plan and training of peacekeepers.


UN Women Pakistan Timeline: Gender Equality in Review - Year 2012

This year, efforts in bringing gender to the forefront of discussions at the highest levels has resulted in: adoption and launch of frameworks on gender equality and women's rights; approval of policies in recognition of informal women workers and women’s empowerment; tabling and adoption of legal reforms to prevent and protect women and girls against crimes of violence; institutionalization of provincial mechanisms to support implementation of pro-women laws; and specific actions related to disaster risk management were gendered and made beneficial to women and children. more