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Inspiring Voices from Pakistan
“Women and men play a multi-faceted role in peacebuilding. Violent extremism is a phenomenon that impacts everyone and men and women are equally vulnerable to being affected and recruited by extremist ideologies,” says Durre Maknoon, NACTA Pakistan. Learn more
Leading the way for Gender Equality in Malaysia's private sector
LeadWomen and UN Women in Asia and the Pacific continue their partnership on the Women’s Empowerment Principles during the launch WeEmpowerAsia in Malaysia... Learn more
For better days and bigger dreams
In a small village in Sri Lanka’s Northern Province, Juvachandrakumar Lucia, 42, sits patiently, intertwining two palm leaves to make a pot coaster. Learn more
‘Serving women and children gives me hope for the future’
As police officers, the most obvious way we can ensure the safety and protection of survivors is by restricting contact between the perpetrator and the survivor, says L.D. W Sanjeewani. Learn more
The Salvation Army House of Hope safe house for survivors of gender-based violence in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, is shown on 5 January 2022 along with one of its residents. Photo: UN Women/Aidah Nanyonjo
Safe houses in Papua New Guinea

Last year, UN Women developed COVID-19 guidelines for the safe houses and gave training on the guidelines to 117 workers providing services to survivors staying there. To ensure the availability of quality services, UN Women supplied 23 safe houses in 16 provinces with food vouchers, reusable face masks...

Women's Access to Justice art platform
Women's Access to Justice art platform

Art is a powerful medium to challenge and question our beliefs and perceptions, helping to create a safe space for conversations, exchange and the sharing of ideas. Step into our first virtual exhibition ‘We for Us’...

Engage with the stories of women in the Peace Village through the interactive story book below!
PEACE VILLAGE: Women-led initiative to promote peaceful and resilient communities in Indonesia

The Peace Village Initiative is a model for women’s active citizenship to promote peaceful and resilient communities that are socially just and gender equal. The Peace Village initiative commenced in 2017 as a joint initiative between UN Women and the Wahid Foundation. To learn more about the Peace village:

Sarah Knibbs | Expert’s Take: The gender challenges in Asia and the Pacific that will dominate in 2022
Expert’s Take: The gender challenges in Asia and the Pacific that will dominate in 2022

Sarah Knibbs, the Officer-in-Charge for UN Women Asia and the Pacific shares with us her thoughts beyond the Covid-19 pandemic. "The coming year may not see the end of the pandemic, but it will give us a chance to start applying many of its lessons. With more and better data, we are getting a clearer picture of the impact on women and other vulnerable groups, and of structural changes that are long overdue..."

30-2030 Carousel
30 for 2030

A youth leadership network that brings together young decision-makers, eminent civic and business innovators, feminists, entrepreneurs, technology pioneers, educators, activists, artists, journalists, and more. ...

Image: YAPESDI/UN Women
What does inclusion mean for women and girls?

Listening to the voices of women and girls with disabilities - what they experience, want, need and demand - is an important step towards achieving inclusive and just societies.

Statement on Afghanistan
Sima Bahous, Executive Director of UN Women. Photo: UN Photo/Manuel Elías.

I am gravely concerned by the Taliban's announcement that all women must cover their faces in public, that women should only leave their homes in cases of necessity, and that violations of this directive will lead to the punishment of their male relatives. Freedom of movement is a fundamental human right. It is an absolute prerequisite for women’s ability to exercise the full range of their rights and to be active participants in society. Where women’s rights are constrained, everyone is diminished. The latest directive by the Taliban is a further escalation of restrictions on women and girls, including impeded return to work and inability to pursue their education. ... Read more


Regional Director, Mohammad Naciri
Mohammad NACIRI

Mohammad NACIRI has been recently appointed as the Regional Director of UN Women for Asia and the Pacific and Representative in Thailand. From 2015 to 2018, he was the Regional Director of UN Women in the Arab States. From 2012 to 2015, Mohammad Naciri was the Deputy Regional Director for UN Women in the Arab States. Mohammad has extensive experience in the region and in gender and development issues. Read more

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She Bounces Back: Stories of COVID-19 resilience and recovery from China’s women

Stories of COVID-19 resilience and recovery from China’s women. The #SheBouncesBack digital exhibition and photo book celebrates and documents the tremendous contribution of China’s women and reinforces the importance of a more equal future as we emerge from the shadow of COVID-19. Explore more | Download

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