Realizing Women's Human Rights and Access to Justice

Promoting accountability to commitments on advancing gender equality – UN Women in Thailand supports the national women’s machinery (NWM) to prepare for CEDAW review sessions and to implement CEDAW Committee recommendations.  Joint efforts are on-going in the development of National Action Plans in support of strategies outlined in the National Women’s Development Plan 2012-2016 and in integration of these strategies into sectoral and local development plans.  

Improving women’s access to justice – A national component of the Regional CEDAW Southeast Asia Programmme, UN Women in Thailand works with the National Human Rights Commission, National Law Reform Commission and other partners to build capacity judges and legal personnel on CEDAW and women’s human rights and improving gender-sensitivity in the handling of cases. This has resulted in significant changes towards a more female-friendly judicial process in the Thonburi Criminal Court, which is now regarded as a model court.