Toolkit: Youth Guide to End Online Gender-Based Violence

Toolkit: Youth Guide to End Online Gender-Based Violence

Online Gender-Based Violence (OGBV) is deeply rooted in discriminatory social norms, gender inequality and often connected to offline violence. It is actively a barrier against women, girls and gender-diverse people’s freedom of speech and their involvement in the public agenda. Research has shown OGBV undeniably widens the gender digital gap and ultimately is a threat against peaceful, sustainable and gender equal societies.

The Youth Guide To End Online Gender-Based Violence toolkit aims to be an actionable learning and knowledge product developed by the 30 for 2030 Network, a youth cohort in the Asia-Pacific region. The toolkit has been created to be social media friendly and designed specifically for but not limited to;

  • Youth
  • Survivors of Online Gender-Based Violence
  • Anyone interested in learning and taking action against OGBV
  • Individuals or organisations interested in inclusive and gender-transformative digital spaces and technologies

The toolkit is designed to be a downloadable PDF, easily accessible for anyone to read and understand, to raise awareness and empower all.

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