United Nations Joint Programme (UNJP)


Accelerating progress towards an integrated and modernized Social Protection System for All in Thailand

To further enhance UN partnership through joint programme, UN Women in collaboration with ILO, UNICEF and IOM have been implementing the United Nations Joint Program (UNJP) “Accelerating progress towards an integrated and modernized Social Protection System for All in Thailand” (2020-2022). The overall objective of the UNJP is to provide support to the Royal Government of Thailand to increase the country social protection coverage towards universality, including for children and specific vulnerable groups including domestic workers and migrant workers, through sustainable social protection. The Joint Programme aims to transform the social protection (SP) system by (i) improving policy coherence and delivery through integrating existing SP systems to improve efficiency and (ii) by supporting the RTG’s scale up of coverage with strategic interventions to ensure success.

The Technical Brief on Social Protection prepared under the Joint Programme on Social Protection for All in partnership with ILO, UNICEF and IOM contributed to the Government policy to top up allowances for vulnerable groups as stimulus package during COVID-19. The top-up policy benefits at least 10 million vulnerable children, women, elderly and people with disabilities through the Child Support Grant Scheme, Disability Grant Scheme and Old Age Allowance.

Joint SDG Fund website at https://jointsdgfund.org/programme/accelerating-progress-towards-integrated-and-modernized-social-protection-system-all 

News:  MSDHS – Study on Universal Social Welfare, covering all ages, Matichon, dated 3 August 2020 (in Thai)
Dr. Porametee Vimolsiri, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (MSDHS) informed that “The UN Joint Programme, UN Thailand, has selected (Thailand) and is supporting MSDHS in a study on Thailand’s social welfare system to ensure coverage for all and sustainability under the 2-year project (2020-2021) with an objective of redesigning the country’s social welfare system to be able to provide social protection for people of all ages.