Toolkit: Youth Guide To End Online Gender-Based Violence


In an era where digital footprints define our existence, online gender-based violence (OGBV) and Technology Facilitated OGBV (TFGBV) cast a long, oppressive shadow on the freedom and safety of women, girls, and gender-diverse individuals. It's more than a personal struggle; it's a societal battle that widens the gender digital divide and threatens our collective march towards a just, equitable world.

The Youth Guide To End Online Gender-Based Violence toolkit is an actionable learning and knowledge product developed by the 30 for 2030 Network, a youth and civil society leadership cohort in the Asia-Pacific region supported by UN Women. The toolkit is a downloadable PDF, designed to be easily accessible for anyone to read and utilize to raise awareness.

The toolkit has been created for:

  • Youth.
  • Survivors of OGBV.
  • Anyone interested in learning about and taking action against OGBV.
  • Individuals or organizations interested in inclusive and gender-transformative digital spaces and technologies.

Responding with vigor, our updated toolkit is a beacon of hope and action, now with crucial knowledge tailored to reflecting contemporary challenges and technological dynamics. 

The 2023 Toolkit include:

  • Background information about OGBV and TFGBV
  • Clear Segmentation of Tech-Based and Tech-Facilitated OGBV
  • Forms of OGBV and TFGBV
  • Emerging Forms of OGBV and TFGBV
  • Consequences of OGBV and TFGBV
  • Reporting OGBV and TFGBV
  • Useful Tips when Dealing with OGBV and TFGBV
  • Recommendations for Stakeholders to End OGBV and TFGBV
  • Online Opposition to Gender Equality
  • Bystander Interventions
  • Boys and Men as Allies in Preventing and Responding to OGBV and TFGBV
  • Rural Women and OGBV: Unpacking Challenges, Shaping Solutions
  • OGBV against women and gender-diverse people with disabilities
  • OGBV and the LGBTQI+ community
  • Feminist and Gender-Transformative Technologies

Watch the Launch of the Toolkit: [here] | Passcode: &aQS&V2#

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  • English (PDF, 6.2 Mb) | Version 3 (Updated: 17 May 2024)

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