Sports For All: Our Campaign

Sports For All harnesses the voices of women and girls from diverse backgrounds across the Asia and the Pacific, uniting them under the Sports for Generation Equality principles with the following goals in mind:

Our objectives:

  1. To encourage sports organizations and leaders to commit to advancing gender equality in sports by adopting the UN Women’s guidelines for gender-responsive sports organisations as a framework for their actions (more information can be found below)
  2. To foster an environment where gender equality in sports is not just aspirational but a lived reality.

The 30 for 2030 youth network stands with UN Women and IOC in calling for immediate action towards gender equality in sports. Let's transform our societies by promoting inclusivity, respect, and equal opportunities in every arena. Join us in this critical movement, because when we empower women and girls through sports, we empower humanity.


About the campaign

This Campaign is part of the Bridging project ”Leveraging sports for gender equality, human rights and life free of violence”, a partnership between UN Women and the International Olympic Committee (IOC)a pioneering collaboration to harness the transformative power of sport to advance gender equality and empower women and girls in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Asia and the Pacific regions.