Tech the Path to Women’s Safety

21-22 May 2016 at Korphil IT Training Center, Quirino Highway, Quezon City

What is the Safe Cities Hackathon?

#SafeCities Hackathon is a 2-day event of UN Women and Quezon City government that aims to find innovative mobile and information technology solutions for women’s safety in our cities. Students and professionals alike will “hack for good” for 24 hours straight on-site and develop mobile app features and modules that address the risks of street harassment and sexual violence against women and girls in public spaces.

You may register as an individual or a team, with a maximum of four (4) members, under one of the following categories: (1) Students, or (2) Experienced Professionals. Each team shall be composed of at least 1 female member, and all-women groups are encouraged to apply. A pre-event orientation will be held on May 14 to introduce the specific challenges. Use your powers for good! Help us make our cities #FreeFromFear!

Learn more at: http://safecitieshack.8layeracademy.com

Fast Facts

The Issue: Street Harassment and Sexual Violence Against Women and Girls in Public Spaces

Just as it is around the globe, street harassment and other forms of sexual violence in public spaces is an everyday occurrence for women in Metro Manila.

  1. 3 in 5 women reported having experienced a form of street harassment or sexual violence in public places at least once in their life, with prevalence of 88 per cent among women aged 18-24
  2. 1 in 7 men admitted to committing sexual harassment of women at least once a day
  3. Over 34 per cent of women report experiencing the worst forms such as stalking, groping, and witnessing public masturbation

Whether due to shame or fear, women traditionally ignore and keep silent about catcalls, stalking, repeated harassment for their numbers, male public exposure, rubbing or groping (panghihipo) inside the MRT/ jeepneys; even bearing indecent language being yelled at them by men as they walk by.

Safe Cities Metro Manila Programme

The Safe Cities Metro Manila Programme is part of a global initiative of UN Women, joined by over 24 cities around the world that aim to improve women’s safety as they move about in the highly urbanized cities. Here in the Philippines, Quezon City is the first in the country to prioritize this issue alongside their development agenda through a partnership with UN Women.

Recent achievements include: (1) the passing of Quezon City legislation raising fines for all forms of sexual harassment and sexual violence in all public spaces; (2) first-ever research data in the country on the prevalence and incidence of various forms of sexual harassment in public spaces; (3) nation-wide reach of communication strategies, engaging over 2M on social media, and featuring in many news reports on print, online, radio and television.

UN Women

The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (UN Women) is the global champion for women and girls. Created by UN Member States, we act on the fundamental premise that all women and girls have the right to live free of discrimination, violence and poverty; and that gender equality is central to achieving development. UN Women mobilizes the global drive propelling progress for women and girls. We draw on the expertise and commitment of our wide-ranging networks of partners from all walks of life – among them women’s organizations and other civil society groups, youth activists, business leaders and governments. We are uniquely placed to galvanize action across the UN system globally and through our presence in countries around the world.

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