Women’s Access to Justice

Two members of the women’s group and the ‘Peace Village’ in Surabaya, Indonesia at a training event in April 2021. Photo: Wahid Foundation/UN Women

Women have roughly the same number of unmet justice needs as men, but the nature of these needs reflect women’s experience of disadvantage, exclusion, discrimination, and violence. Gender-specific barriers, such as biases in justice institutions, social stigma, psychological trauma of bringing claims, and lack of gender-sensitive procedures, all prevent women from utilizing available pathways to seek justice and to realize their human rights.

UN Women works towards a people-centred and gender responsive justice approach, to create an enabling environment where women can seek remedies without fear of negative consequences and realize their rights through meaningful access to justice.

Justice for all, means justice for all women

Our Approach

To ensure justice for all, and to close the justice gap, we need to rethink how to respond to everyone’s justice needs. Justice for all, means justice for all women. Learn more about our regional strategy

Enhancing Women’s Access to Justice in Asia and the Pacific: Bridging the gap between formal and informal systems through women’s empowerment

UN Women, in partnership with the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), is implementing a five-year programme, generously funded by the Government of Sweden. Learn more about the programme

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