Women, Peace and Cybersecurity

Research from UN Women and the UN University Institute in Macau examines the connections between artificial intelligence, digital security and the women, peace and security agenda in South-East Asia. Learn more >
Training the trainers who to deliver innovative training aimed at strengthening women’s leadership in preventing online harms, cybersecurity threats and the malicious use of technology in South-East Asia is integral to a new UN Women training initiative. Learn more >
Become more resilient by taking advantage of our free eLearning modules! They cover different aspects of digital security from women, peace and security perspective, and are designed to raise awareness on gendered digital security concerns, with a focus on experiences from Asia and the Pacific. Earn a training certificate. Learn more >
Our project Women, Peace and Cybersecurity: Promoting Women, Peace and Security in the Digital World was made possible with support from the Government of Australia, under the Cyber and Critical Tech Cooperation Program (CCTCP) and the Government of the Republic of Korea. Learn more >

Promoting Women’s Peace and Security in the Digital World

Digital platforms and technologies have become cornerstones for positive civic engagement and innovative approaches to peacebuilding. However, the digital world carries distinct gendered risks. Women, girls and persons with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions and sex characteristics can face significant online harassment and threats.

Since 2021, UN Women has been implementing the project, Women, Peace and Cybersecurity: Promoting Women’s Peace and Security in the Digital World. The WPS agenda is a useful tool for ensuring that cybersecurity approaches are both conflict-sensitive and gender-responsive. Learn more

Digital Security Training Resources

They’re new in 2024 and they’re free! Our eLearning resources cover key aspects of digital security in Asia and the Pacific viewed through a women, peace and security lens. They include self-paced online modules and facilitators’ manuals for trainers available in multiple languages.

Our courses:

  • Introduction to Cybersecurity from a Women, Peace and Security lens 
  • Cyber-resilience for Women Human Rights Defenders 
  • Navigating Disinformation
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Women, Peace and Security

UN Women has created an eLearning platform in partnership with Ridgeway Consulting Ltd. It is made possible with generous contributions from the Governments of Australia and the Republic of Korea, and through support from the UN Women Centre of Excellence for Gender Equality in Seoul. Visit Digital Security eLearning Platform.

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