Expert's take

These opinion pieces focus on a specific issue, explained and deconstructed by UN Women specialists in that area.

Bob Montgomery, Psychologist

12 December 2016

if you see disrespectful behavior, [even if] the behavior in itself might not be too harmful, but if it supports the attitudes that then support harmful violence, you’ve got to be willing to stick your neck out, to take a stance and say, ‘hang on mate’... Read more

Sebastian Robert, Technical Advisor

28 November 2016

It is basically taking ownership, making sure that every policy in the country is sensitive to issues that women and girls are facing in vulnerable situations, so that this is recognised and that women and girls are also empowered... Read more

Janelle Babb, Programme Officer at UNESCO

26 November 2016

..Education has an important role in helping young people to question and reflect on what they see and what they experience as gender norms and social norms... Read more

Libby Lloyd, Human Rights activist

26 November 2016

..We got a movement established where men started to be given license to use their voice in the area of prevention of violence against women. Even more importantly than getting men involved in White Ribbon and it becoming a force on its own... Read more

Michael O’Connell, Commissioner for Victims’ Rights

25 November 2016

I call on all the leaders of the world [..] not to look at the problem of violence against women in a conflict manner, but rather in a manner in which we can partner one another for solutions... Read more

Aleta Miller, Representative for UN Women’s Fiji Multi-country Office

28 March 2016

Aleta reflects on UN Women’s coordination role in the response to Cyclone Winston, using protection to drive gender equality and address vulnerability.more