Sebastian Robert

Question: How can we change social norms to prevent violence against women and girls (VAWG)?

“One key approach is to engage men and boys and to gender-sensitise them so that they will be well aware of the challenges that we face to help prevent violence against women and girls.”

Question: Could you share with us a success story on social norm change that has contributed to end VAWG?

“In Papua New Guinea, being made aware and through advocacy on the rights of women and girls and children, men have gradually come to realise – although challenges still exist – what their contribution is to gender-based violence in the country and how it affects women and girls and children. It’s been changing very slowly, but surely maybe one day a lot of people will be able to fully recognise the changes that will eventually take place.

Question: What would you suggest to policy-makers to advance ending VAWG?

“It is basically taking ownership, making sure that every policy in the country is sensitive to issues that women and girls are facing in vulnerable situations, so that this is recognised and that women and girls are also empowered to recognise their right to live a life free of violence.”


About the expert

Sebastian Robert
Position: Technical Advisor for Gender and Men's Health Programme in Papua New Guinea at the Ministry of Health.