Ending Violence against Women and Girls

Photo: UN Women/Henriette Bjoerge
Photo: UN Women/Henriette Bjoerge

The Issue

Violence against women and girls is a grave violation of human rights. Occurring in public and private places, it has many forms, ranging from domestic and intimate partner violence to sexual harassment and assault, trafficking, sexual violence and gender-related killing.

Its impact spans from immediate to long-term multiple physical, sexual and mental consequences for women and girls, including death. It negatively affects women’s general well-being and prevents women from fully participating in society. Violence not only has negative consequences for women but also their families, the community and country. It has tremendous costs, from greater health care and legal expenses, and losses in productivity, impacting national budgets and overall development.

Pakistan has several laws and policies against various forms of violence. Challenges remain however in implementing these measures. Many women still lack access to free or affordable essential services in sectors such as health, police, justice and social support to ensure their safety, protection and recovery. Not enough is done to prevent violence, which is the most challenging but also effective way to eliminate violence in a sustainable way.

How we will make a difference

UN Women will work with and support national and local stakeholders to ensure:

  1. Laws, policies and strategies are adopted and implemented to prevent and respond to violence against women and girls
  2. Evidence strategies and initiatives for safe and empowering public spaces for women and girls are adopted and implemented