Promoting Women's Human Rights

A Dayak woman. Photo: UN Photo/Yusuf Ahmad
A Dayak woman in Indonesia. Photo: UN Photo/Yusuf Ahmad

UN Women Indonesia supports the development of stronger legislative frameworks that protect women’s rights and make the government more accountable to women. This includes improving women’s access to justice and legal systems.

Better Gender Policy: We support the Government of Indonesia in developing a National Strategy for Gender Responsive Planning and Budgeting 2018-2030.Increased Access to Justice: We work with justice providers, including the Supreme Court Training Center, to support a gender responsive justice system that advances women’s right to be free from violence.

Addressing Gender Inequality in Development: We work with the Government of Indonesia to provide recommendations on gender equality in development for the Indonesia Medium Term Development Plan 2020-2024.

Women’s Health: We support efforts to ensure that the HIV response in Indonesia addresses women and girls’ specific needs through capacity building of women’s groups and policy advocacy.