UN Women Centre of Excellence for Gender Equality in the Republic of Korea

SDG 5 banner, white text on red background; had been laid on the floor. There is an SDG 6 banner in light blue partially shown on the top

Established in Seoul in 2022, the UN Women Centre of Excellence for Gender Equality (“the Centre”) works to improve the implementation of normative and policy frameworks and address discriminatory social norms and practices that perpetuate gender inequality in Asia and the Pacific.

Leveraging UN Women’s technical and operational capacities as well as existing networks and platforms, the Centre (i) provides specialized training programmes to diverse stakeholders from government entities, academia, civil society organizations and the private sector, (ii) conducts research and promotes gender statistics and (iii) facilitates multi-stakeholder partnerships at national and regional levels.

Through the three pillars of work under the leadership of the Centre’s Director, the Centre aims to contribute to operationalizing normative frameworks on gender equality and the empowerment of women, informing innovative approaches to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”), transforming harmful social norms in the fast-changing and unique social landscape of Asia and the Pacific, and forging partnerships across sectors.