Human Rights

Photo: UN Women
Photo: UN Women

UN Women Strategy

One of the primary ways UN Women works to advance women’s human rights is by providing support to Government and Civil society, for their efforts to implement CEDAW. The focus of UN Women support in this area is threefold:

  • Facilitating the development of national human rights frameworks in line with CEDAW, such as constitutions, laws and policies;
  • Supporting the implementation of existing human rights frameworks to help ensure impact and rights realization; and
  • Putting special emphasis on particularly vulnerable and marginalized groups, such as poor or indigenous women, so that national frameworks become more inclusive of and responsive to the full range of women’s rights concerns.

Find a CEDAW Expert

This resource prepared by UN Women South Asia helps you find the names, profiles and email addresses of experts on CEDAW in South and South East Asia. They have worked with UNIFEM (now UN Women) in recent years to develop capacity on this issue. (Last Updated: 29th October, 2012)