Sports For All: Take Action

Sports For All: Take Action

Many actors in the sport ecosystem are making significant strides to advance gender equality. For example, organizations are developing grassroot sport programmes for women and girls, increasing the participation of women in leadership at all levels of the sport, increasing resource allocation for women’s sport, creating gender bias-free sports media and increasing representation, and developing safeguarding policies.

However, until now, these initiatives have been working in relative isolation, leading to missed opportunities of learning and scaling the best practices. At the same time, in various contexts, the world of sport remains plagued by many of the same gender inequalities that we see more broadly in society – issues such as unequal pay, gender-based violence, a lack of targeted investment and the reproduction of negative stereotypes and social norms.

Led by UN Women, the Sport for Generation Equality Initiative is an invitation for the sports ecosystem to be a part of a powerful multi-stakeholder coalition to make gender equality a lived reality in and through sport. The Sports for Generation Equality Principles give the sport ecosystem the opportunity to be a leader in advancing gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls in and through sport.

Sports for Generation Equality Principles

Join us in embracing the Sports for Generation Equality principles, Let's make a difference together!