Voices of Youth from Asia-Pacific

Disclaimer: The information and views expressed in UN Women Youth Voices are those of the author (s) and do not necessarily represent the views of UN Women, the United Nations, or any of its affiliated organizations.

At least 750 million of young persons live in Asia and the Pacific. Their active involvement, participation and voice is essential to achieve gender equality. UN Women’s Youth’s Voice is an open space for young people in the region to express themselves and contribute with their ideas and enthusiasm to build a fairer and more equitable world for all.

Dia Yonzon (she/they), 25, is from Nepal.

Dia Yonzon, Nepal

 Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Dia Yonzon, 25, a UNV in Nepal who is advocating LGBTI rights toward Gender Equality. Read more on her/their blog

Malalai Mobariz. Photo: UN Women

Malalai Mobariz, Afghanistan

 Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Malalai, 30, who own a women’s café for Afghan women to get together, support each other and learn how to run a business  Read more on her blog

Soundarya, India

 Thursday, January 28, 2021

Soundarya, 20, lives in Venmankondan village, Ariyalur district, of Tamil Nadu state in southern India. Read more on her blog

Lucky, Bangladesh

 Monday, December 21, 2020

Lucky, 18, fled to Cox’s Bazar in August 2017 from armed conflict in Rakhine State in Myanmar. Read more on her blog

Adwitya Taneja, India

Friday, August 21, 2020

Adwitya Taneja is a graduate student from India. She is an ardent supporter of women’s rights and intends to work in future for the promotion and protection of gender rights. Read more on her blog

Heela Yoon. Photo: Nargis Abdullah

Heela Yoon, Afghanistan

Thursday, January 29, 2020

Heela Yoon an Afghanistan working in New York with the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders. Read more on her blog

Berta Antonieta Tilman Pereira. Photo: Maria Martins da Silva

Berta Antonieta Tilman Pereira, Timor-Leste

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Berta Antonieta Tilman Pereira, 28, is a Timorese feminist and researcher living in Dili, Timor-Leste Read more on her blog

Ankita Raj

Ankita Raj, India

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Ankita Raj, the founder of Greenhath Products who interested in entrepreneurship, quality education and women in public policy. Read more on her blog

Natasya Fila Rais. Photo courtesy of Natasya Fila Rais

Natasya Fila Rais, Indonesia

Monday, January 13, 2020

Natasya, a writer, actress, and podcaster; the owner of a podcast channel on self-love and women empowerment called Tasya Talks. Read more on her blog

Paquita Gadin Aulia Darmawan. Photo: Courtesy of Paquita Gadin Aulia Darmawan

Paquita Gadin Aulia Darmawan, Indonesia

Friday, January 3, 2020

Paquita Gadin Aulia Darmawan lives in South Tangerang city near Jakarta. She is a communication student at Binus University and plans to become a journalist. Read more on her blog

Harshita Mishra. Photo: Courtesy of Harshita Mishra

Harshita Mishra, India

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Harshita Mishra, a lawyer-in-training at a law firm in Bengaluru, Southern India. She is interested in women’s issues, sustainable development and legal technology. Read more on her blog

Shukria Yari. Photo: Rayan Bhagwagar

Shukria Yari, Afghanistan

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Shukria Yari was born in Afghanistan, migrated to Pakistan and studied in India. She wants to help women solve their problems and later work with Afghanistan’s human rights commission. Read more on her blog

Mayumi Sato

Mayumi Sato, Japan

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Mayumi is originally from Japan but grew up in various places around the world. She is a Research Associate at the Center for People and Forests, based in Bangkok, Thailand. Read more on her blog

Shane Bhatla. Photo: Courtesy of Webster University

Shane Bhatla, India and Thailand

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

A Transgender Programme Manager and Operations Manager at OUT BKK, a community-led movement for LGBT rights, social acceptance and inclusiveness. Read more on his blog

Net Supatravanij

Net Supatravanij, Thailand

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Thai-born Net founded a corporate social responsibility initiative for her company after realizing there was a soft spot where passion and profession can meet. Read more on her blog

Sveto Muhammad Ishoq

Sveto Muhammad Ishoq, Afghanistan

Monday, August 19, 2019

Sveto Muhammad Ishoq runs a social enterprise in Kabul that is focused on women’s economic empowerment through fashion. As Afghanistan’s first Schwarzman Scholar, she did her master’s degree in global affairs at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Read more on her blog

Photo: Courtesy of Maria Shahid

Maria Shahid, Pakistan

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Maria, a Pakistani Facebook campaign writer who highlights the voices of Asian womens... Read more on her blog

Mahwish Afridi. Photo: Courtesy of Waqar Anees

Mahwish Afridi, Pakistan

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Mahwish Afridi, a bloger from Pakistan shares with us her story about "Acid: A weapon of choice to keep women and girls ‘in their place’"... Read more on her blog

Chitsanupong Nithiwana

Chitsanupong Nithiwana, Thailand

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Chitsanupong, a Thai transwoman who dream is to become an international journalist supporting LGBT rights... Read more on her blog

Nouf AlJahdami, United Arab Emirates

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Nouf, a humanist and a scholar of security and global studies with an emphasis on media... Read more on her blog

Ranjita Dilraj, India

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Ranjita, a former intern in UN Women Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific... Read more on her blog

Moh Suthasiny

Moh Suthasiny, Thailand

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Moh, a global studies student in Bangkok... Read more on her blog

Cee | Alias

Cee, Asia

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Cee, an indepent writer who lives in Asia... Read more on her blog

Tanyalak Thongyoojaroen, Thailand

03 January 2018

Tanyalak, a young feminist and human right activist who advocates for Gender Equality and she loves sports and out door activities... Read more on her blog

Sharleen Shergill, New Zealand

14 October 2017

Sharleen, a student of Law and Communications who believes that we all need to work together in order to bridge the gender gap... Read more on her blog

Police Lt. Col. Naphatmongkon Lueangkunlawat , Thailand

10 July 2017

Police Lt. Col. Naphatmongkon, a policeman who is working at the Thailand Internet Crimes Against Children (TICAC) to protect children’s rights in Thailand. Read more on his blog

Ilham Hayeeyama, Thailand

4 July 2017

Ilham, a young activist who was born, raised and lives Southern Thailand. She is now trying to build and strengthen relationship among people in the areas to create a peaceful community. Read more on her blog

Younghwa Choi, Korea

31 March 2017

Young, a volunteer for Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), who has been working on Ending Violence against Women and Girls. Read more on her blog

Wangchuk Dema, Bhutan

08 March 2017

Wangchuk is a young Bhutanese who serves the Youth Peer Education Network International for Bhutan (Y-PEER Network) Read more on her blog

Fasiha Farrukh, Pakistan

08 March 2017

Fasiha is a young Pakistani blogger at The Inflectionist and a regular contributor to the EmpowerWomen.org site. Read more on her blog

Aminath Izdhiha Rushdy, Maldives

09 October 2016

Aminath, a young woman of the world by nature, a photographer and a writer by passion. Read more on her blog

Fatin Aqilah Binti Ishak, Malaysia

09 October 2016

Fatin wishes to help saving many lives as possible through any way she can. Read more on her blog

Tham Jing En, Malaysia

09 October 2016

Jing En, a young Malaysian girl scout who want to advocate for ending violence against women and girls. Read more on her blog

Ankita Saigal, Malaysia

07 October 2016

Ankita, a young Malaysian girl who wants to express her voice to Ending Violence against Women and Girls. Read more on her blog

Kritsakorn Masee, Thailand

07 October 2016

Kritsakorn, a young lawer who is now helping UN Women Regional Office advocating for Ending Violence Against Women and shifting Thai society toward Gender Equality. Read more on his blog

Bitna Chu, Korea

28 November 2016

Bitna Chu is a Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) volunteer, and working in World Vision Mongolia. Read more on her blog

Adhigama Andre Budiman, Indonesia

23 November 2016

Adhigama, a HeForShe or DiaUntukDia supporter and human rights activist. Read more on his blog

Takudzwa Madzingira, Zimbabwe

22 November 2016

Takudzwa, a sustainable urban development planner from UN-HABITAT who aims to raise awareness on gender issues in this sector Read more on her blog

Smita Magar, Nepal

21 November 2016

Smita, a professionally trained journalist who recently declared herself a feminist Read more on her blog

Sotheary You, Cambodia

21 November 2016

Sotheary, a graduate student who has been involved in Social Development work since she was an undergraduate student Read more on her blog

Nyamat Bindra, India

21 November 2016

Nyamat who has a decade of experiences in development from handling events, project implementation, and advocacy, preparing training modules, strategy planning, monitoring and evaluation of health projects. Read more on her blog

Eliza Moloney, Australia

21 November 2016

Eliza Moloney is a graduate student from The University of Queensland, Australia, School of Political Science and International Studies. Read more on her blog

Nikita Blanes, France

1 August 2016

Nikita, a SciencesPo graduate with a B.A. from McGill University. For years that she has been working towards gender equality in different regions of the world. Read more on her blog

Diana Rahim, Singapore

2 May 2016

Diana, a singaporean volunteer from Gender Equality is Our Culture (GEC), a group that promotes gender equitable expressions of culture. She is primarily interested in the intersections of gender, religion and class. Read more on her blog

Soumya J, India

5 April 2016

Soumya J, a rural woman from southern India who uses Internet and mobile phone networking to disseminate information to demand their rights and entitlements from local government. Read more on her blog

Afroza Sultana Bristy, Bangladesh

13 Nov 2015

Bristy, is a 24-year-old English Literature student at Rajshahi Univeristy in Bangladesh. Read more on her blog

Yen Thu Nguyen, Viet Nam

2 Nov 2015

Yen is a 14 year-old feminist, a Vietnamese volunteer and a HeForShe supporter living in Hanoi. Read more on her blog


Adarsh Thakur, India

13 April 2015

Adarsh is a HeForShe supporter and a dynamic online activist advocating for gender equality in India and beyond. Read more on his blog

Betty Barkha, Fiji

10 December 2014

Betty, from Fiji, is part of the Asia Pacific Forum for Women, Law and Development. Read more on her blog

Christina Ora, Solomon Islands

15 February 2015

Christina is an active member of the Honiara Youth Council in Solomon Islands. Read more on her blog

Juana Jaafar, Malaysia

5 December 2014

Juana is a Malaysian advocate who obtained the “Her World Young Achiever Award 2012” for her work empowering young people. Read more on her blog

Liyana Dizzy, Malaysia

25 November 2014

Liyana is a feminist and SOGIE ally from the Malaysian's Young Women Making Change group. Read more on her blog

Ngoc Anh, Viet Nam

28 November 2014

Ngoc is a Vietnamese youth advocate who participated in the Asia-Pacific Beijing+20 Asia Pacific Conference. Read more on her blog

Senel Wanniarachchi, Sri Lanka

29 July 2015

Senel is a journalist and women’s rights activist from Sri Lanka. Read more on his blog

Syar S. Alia, Malaysia

30 November 2014

Syar, from Malaysia, is a member of the "Young Women Leaders Programme". Read more on her blog

Thanakarn Vongvisitsin (Bella), Thailand

5 March 2015

Bella is an academician and researcher from Thailand. Read more on her blog

Varun Jhaveri, India

30 September 2015

Varun, from India, is a Global Youth Advocate for “The World We Want” campaign. Read more on his blog

Yane Domingas, Timor-Leste

15 December 2014

Yane is a member of Timor-Leste's National Youth Parliament. Read more on her blog

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