Photo: UN Women/Marc Dozier

On 28 October 2016, UN Women PNG, supported by the Australian Government, and in partnership with the National Capital Commission of Port Moresby, will launch a behaviour change campaign: SANAP WANTAIM: the new normal.

As the cornerstone to the Safe Cities Program, the solidarity campaign has been established to rally men and boys throughout the city to stand side by side with women and girls as partners and allies. The campaign seeks to make the city safe for women and girls and inspire awareness, advocacy to action.

The campaign calls upon men and boys, women and girls from all walks of life to conceive and implement activities that will embrace their role in making the city safe and drive the ambitious goals of the campaign.

Three Campaign Goals

  1. Align men and boys with women and girls as partners and allies.
  2. Empower women and girls to stand up for themselves and each other and acknowledge their right to the city.
  3. Equip people with the knowledge of how to identify violence and harassment, and what to do when it is experienced or witnessed.

Five Key Messages

  1. EQUALITY: Men and Women are equal. This is our constitutional right; this a human right.
  2. CONSENT: Consent means a woman’s right over her body. When she says “NO” it means “NO” every time by everyone.
  3. HARASSMENT IS WRONG: Women and girls have a right to be safe in this city.
  4. STAND TOGETHER: Men and Women, Boys and Girls must stand together to make a safe city.
  5. A SAFE CITY IS A GREAT CITY: When Port Moresby is safe for women and girls it is great for everyone.

Driven by youth, who bring diverse knowledge to the Campaign, the Campaign will use every avenue to spread the message of change.



To join us

  • Like us on Facebook
  • Participate in our events
  • Sign our Pledge
  • Stand up for a woman or girl who needs help
  • Become the change that you wish to see in the world
Photo: UN Women/Lizzette Soria

(*) The Sanap Wantaim Campaign is funded by Australian Government