Publications and Reports

Aurat Foundation Reports

Aurat Foundation GEP Reports:

  • Mainstreaming Research in Gender Interventions
  • Women's empowerment in Pakistan
  • Gender-Based Violence in Pakistan
  • Capacity of Pakistani Organizations to Carry Out Gender Equity Initiatives
  • Effects of 2010 Floods on Women in Pakistan

National Commission on the Status of Women Reports: 

  • The Impact of Family Laws on the Rights of Divorced Women in Pakistan
  • A Study Research Report on “Qisas Deyat Law” conducted by NCSW
  • Women’s Rights of Inherence and its Implementation
  • Assessment of Women Protection Act, 2006
  • A Policy Framework for Women’s Equal Rights
  • Gender Review of Framework for Women Political Participation
  • Impact Assessment Report Pulic Private Partnership to End Honour Crimes in Pakistan
  • Assessment of Disaster Management Institutions
  • Police Reporting and Investigating Mechanisms
  • Appraisal of Capacities of Women Development Departments at Provincial Level
  • Crises Centers and Gender Crime Cells

      Uks Publications: 

      Human Rights Commission of Pakistan’s Annual Reports:  

  • Annual report 2011
  • Annual report 2010
  • Annual report 2009

      Rozan Publications on the following issues: