UN Women has been an important player in the region, advocating for gender responsive plans and budgets. The Gender Responsive Budgeting Programme has resulted in numerous advocacy initiatives with government stakeholders including the Ministries of Finance and National Women’s Machineries.Workshops and trainings in South Asia with ministry and department officials, experts, analysts and other decision makers have enhanced their capacities and skills to undertake such work.

In India, UN Women has supported all initiatives of the Ministry of Women and Child Development since the beginning of the process. In 2009, we provided valuable resources for the GRB Handbook and Manual. UN Women has also organized three workshops across India on the Convention on Elimination of Discrimination against Women and GRB with the Ministry and civil society experts. In addition, since the Ninth Five Year Plan, other consultations have ensured that women’s concerns are reflected in the Five Year Plans of the Government of India.

For over two decades, UN Women has worked with Governments, UN agencies, research institutions and NGOs to make census exercises more responsive to women. We provided technical support to India, Maldives, Nepal and Pakistan to make women’s work visible and have an accurate reflection of women’s contributions to the national accounting systems.In India, technical expertise had helped to record an increased visibility of 36 million women.

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