Challenges of integrating gender equality in evaluation


This paper examines the current developments of gender dimensions in evaluation in the United Nations (UN) system. The United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG), which brings together all the evaluation offices of the UN, has played an important role in setting the evaluation Norms and Standards to highlight the need for people centered evaluation. These initiatives include the development of UN System Wide Action Plan (UN-SWAP) for gender equality and the empowerment of women, UN-SWAP Evaluation Performance Indicators, and the Guidance of Integrating Human Rights and Gender Equality and Evaluation –Towards UNEG. These documents are to provide step by step guidance on how to integrate human rights and gender equality throughout an evaluation process, and are indeed influencing on the way the UN is conducting a gender responsive evaluation. Yet, applying the Guidance is not always easy and the paper will examine those difficulties, in terms of concept, methodology and framework, using our real evaluation management experiences in UN Women Asia and the Pacific region. In addition, UN Women Asia and the Pacific would like to introduce how we are trying to overcoming the challenges based on our practical experiences in the region.

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