Fund for Gender Equality 2015 Annual Report

Fund for Gender Equality

In 2015, UN Women's Fund for Gender Equality (FGE) supported 53 active programmes in 48 countries and reached over 218,000 direct beneficiaries. The Fund's programmes, led by civil society organizations, work to advance women's political and economic empowerment at local, national and regional levels across the globe.

Supported by photos, data, info-graphics and individual stories of impact, this report highlights key aggregated results of 2015 active programmes as well as lessons learned from key knowledge initiatives. It also presents the FGE 2016-2018 portfolio resulting from the competitive selection process conducted in 2015.

The new 24 high-quality programmes worth US$ 7.3M will allow leading women-led civil society organizations to localize SDG 5 and 10 additional SDGs, impacting an estimated 325,000 direct beneficiaries. As of 31 December 2015, a total of US$ 64 million has been awarded to 120 programmes in 80 countries, reaching over 10 million direct beneficiaries since the Fund's establishment in 2009.

Key cumulative results by 2015

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