Mahila Kishan Module | A participatory Action Learning Systems (PALS) training sessions on gender and livelihoods

UN Women and ANANDI

UN Women partnered with ANANDI to strengthen gender perspectives in National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM). Pilots were initiated in select districts under the State Rural Livelihoods Missions in Bihar (JEEViKA BRLPS) and Madhya Pradesh (MPSRLM). National and state level workshops were conducted for the Missions’ Project Implementation Agencies for developing indicators and strategies for gender responsive implementation. The project also worked with women’s collectives through Participatory Action Learning Systems (PALS) training sessions on gender and livelihoods designed by ANANDI to challenge inequalities and claim rights. Under the project, around 9,500 women members of Self Help Groups (SHGs) were trained, as well as over 100 cutting edge functionaries of NRLM. Through the training modules and action following them, the pilot fostered collective solidarity and the emergence of women leaders.

A training module on women’s livelihood rights including six modules on gender discrimination, identity, women’s rights and entitlements, their incomes and expenditure, mobility and decision-making as emerging from the pilot has been developed.

A film on the Engendering Livelihoods pilot in Bihar and Madhya Pradesh was also made as part of the project. It includes voices of women from SHGs in the districts of Mandla, Madhya Pradesh and Gaya, Bihar, Community Resource Persons from those same districts, as well as district-, state- and national-level implementers of the NRLM.


My rights, My identity (Mere Haq Meri Pehchaan)

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