Strategy and National Action Plan on the Elimination of Violence against Women 2016-2020

Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Violence against women and girls (VAWG) has been clearly established as a serious issue facing the majority of women and girls in Afghanistan with deadly, disabling, and long term consequences; not only for women, but for children, families, future generations, communities and society as a whole. VAWG deprives families and communities of peace and limits nearly half the population from fully participating in the betterment of society.

Eliminating VAWG is a critical part of the development process. Women, men, religious leaders, leaders at all levels of the community, provincial and national governments, teachers, civil society organizations, media, businesses and universities are all instrumental in eliminating VAWG. Change is possible, and it requires both personal and professional commitment. Enormous gains result when violence is prevented, and the benefits of shaping relationships, families and communities in non-violent ways need public discussion and exploration.

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Updated: 08 Feb 2017

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