Summing up Success: Advancing Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women in the Asia Pacific Region

Jo-Anne Bishop

Meta-Analysis of 2011-2016 Evaluation Reports

In addition to the quality assessment of individual reports, the GERAAS system requires a Meta-Analysis of evaluations to capture the key insights from evaluation reports rated ‘satisfactory’ or above according to UN Women standards. This ensures that the body of evidence produced by corporate and decentralized evaluations are synthetized and used to inform corporate-level and decentralized policies and strategies. Whereas the Meta-Evaluation provides a rating of the quality of evaluation reports according to UN Women standards, Meta-Analysis synthesizes the key findings conclusions and recommendations for the body of evaluation reports that meet UN Women quality requirements.

This Meta-Analysis is the third component of a larger review process. The first part included analysis of the Evaluation Oversight System of UN Women in the Asia-Pacific region and the second entailed a Meta-Evaluation to analyse the quality of evaluations using the Global Evaluation Reports Assessment and Analysis System (GERAAS). Together, all three components will be used to share key insights from different evaluation reports in order to develop constructive lessons for future systemic strengthening of programming and organizational effectiveness.


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