Engendering Banking Sector Policies


UN Women commissioned BASIX--a new generation livelihood promotion institution--to carry out a gender analysis of banking sector policies, financial products and services in India. The project commenced in September 2012 and concluded in April 2013. Select banking sector policies were reviewed to identify barriers women face while accessing financial support and the appropriateness of financial products for women’s empowerment. Methods to draw gender responsive indicators for effective monitoring and select innovations for women’s economic empowerment, national and global, were closely studied.

The objectives of the study were to: i. Review select banking sector policies from a gender lens ii. Identify barriers in banking to securing women’s right to financial services iii. Review the appropriateness of financial products for women’s empowerment iv. Review monitoring and evaluation systems of financial services from a gender lens, and to assess the applicability of Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) tools for this purpose v. Document select innovations in processes, mechanisms and products for vulnerability reduction (e.g. pensions, insurance) and for women’s economic empowerment.

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