People at the Margins: Whose Budget? Whose Rights? -Towards Inclusive Budgeting for Dalit Women

Asha Kowtal and Binish Nafees

The marginalization of Dalit women is specifically compounded by the absence of quality education and supportive infrastructure. The Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya Scheme (KGBVS) was launched to enable girls, predominantly from marginalized communities, to avail upper primary education through residential schooling. Data collected from 12 KGBVs in Aurangabad and Munger districts of Bihar reveal that aspirations of Dalit girls and their parents for quality education remain largely unfulfilled. 'People at the margins: Whose Budgets? Whose Rights? - Towards inclusive budgeting for Dalit women', published by UN Women and Ford Foundation draws from a study of the KGBV scheme to highlight existing gaps in policy and implementation.

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