People at the Margins: Whose Budget? Whose Rights?- The Transgender Question in India: Policy and Budgetary Priorities

M.J. Joseph and Tom Thomas

The transgender (TG) community is one of the most marginalized social groups in India. Historically subjected to structural violence, the TG community continues to face widespread stigma and discrimination at the hands of their own families, society and even the state. Despite some recent progressive measures by the government, the community’s social mainstreaming and access to rights and entitlements remains shrouded in challenges. 'The Transgender Question in India: Policy and Budgetary Priorities', published by UN Women and Ford Foundation attempts to put in perspective the struggle for transgender rights in India. It builds on a study of TG women in the state of Tamil Nadu to highlight the challenges faced by the community in the absence of legal safeguards for their physical safety, well-being and financial security.

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